Giving Technologies Group Releases Library of FREE Offertory Continuity Resources

GivingTrend will release a library of Offertory Resource materials to parishes nationwide.  The tools are tried and tested email, letter, bulletin, social media and pulpit announcement templates designed to assist and support parish efforts in their Offertory Continuity efforts during the Covid19 crisis. 

Giving Technologies Group which owns GivingTrend will also release its Parish Offertory Increase Platform this Summer of 2020 which provides parishes with income increase services ranging from online resources to a fully customized consultant-lead experience. “This is the next generation of offertory increase services for parishes using the newly enhanced GivingTrend platform that incorporates data analytics, wealth screen and social media connection in an online platform that will transform how parishes impact stewardship in their congregations.”

See the transformation of offertory increase over the coming weeks on For more information, contact GivingTrend at 888.704.2734.

Parish Best Practices


Best Practices-Communication from the Pastor is Key Tell Your Parish Story!

Send a thank you email today to acknowledge service and support in your parish. If you can, include a video from the pastor, a link to your liturgies online, a schedule of upcoming events, as well as, online giving.

  1. Thank parishioners for participating in online liturgies and for their sacrificial giving. 
  2. Acknowledge staff, volunteers and parishioners who are serving others. If you have parishioners who are serving as "first responders", acknowledge their service and share the impact they are having. 
  3. Tell your parish story and specifically indicate how you are staying connected to your parishioners. How are clergy, staff, volunteers, making contact and serving the community. 
  4. Invite participation in liturgy, prayer, online events. Specifically invite participation in supporting the parish. Be confident that parishioners want you to succeed. Many previous tragedies such as 911 and other economic difficulties have resulted in continued giving, if not increased giving. Articulate your parish need to maintain ongoing sacrificial giving by telling your story to maintain that connection. 


Important to remember...plan, ask and make it tangible.

This is a time to make connection to parishioners and offertory tangible. While there is a tremendous amount of financial uncertainty, your parish's role as spiritual home in these times is more critical than ever. Don't be afraid to express the parish's need to maintain sacraments,  ministries and even staff - this is something that will resonate with parishioners.The examples of people sharing their time, talent and treasure are many. 

Also, important to note is that many business are asking their customers for support - help keep your favorite restaurant in business my ordering takeout or some have even purchased meals for the future to provide these businesses with cash. Parishes are the same and we can't be shy about pointing out the critical need. Your parishioners will respond in many positive ways. Just help them by providing the vehicle and make it easy, available and tangible. 

Live Stream Local Parish Mass

Eucharist as the source and summit of our lives is the ultimate connection. While many locations offer Mass via the internet on television, maintaining the connection to the parish is critical not just for purposes of offertory continuity, but also for gathering the faithful again when this crisis subsides. 

Stream it Live! 


Streaming your mass live maintains connection to the familiar liturgy with celebrant, music and even physical sanctuary. There’s something more relevant and personal knowing that it’s happening now. Parishioners aren’t looking for perfection, in fact, the idea that there is spontaneity brings connection – it’s personal and that’s good. It’s ok if something isn’t perfect - that’s what parishioners are experiencing as a result of “stay-at-home” and the Corona Virus. Join them in that and you’ll connect. People want to see their spiritual home and live Mass.


Have a Host/Commentator/Usher


Whatever role fits best in your parish, having someone to moderate the live stream enhances the experience and full, active, conscious participation of your online congregation. The host welcomes parishioners, helps them with access to the live stream, and importantly, manages the chat box in your online portal. Facebook provides a user-friendly fully functional platform. Build your experience of online liturgy considering the ways we connect at Mass in person - with Jesus in the Eucharist, with the Celebrant in prayer, with the Community in fellowship. 


Here’s how the host can enhance the experience… 

  • Welcome parishioners and be available by phone if needed to help parishioners access the stream. Parishioners will feel that they have been welcomed even knowing the help is available. While many are becoming more familiar with the technologies available, it’s good to know there is someone parishioners can call if help is needed.
  • Just like your welcome/hospitality ministers on weekends interaction is key. If possible, have some of the same volunteers who welcome others on the weekends, be present to welcome participants in online liturgy. This creates a sense of connection to our spiritual home, the familiar, and a comforting environment. 
  • In the chat as parishioners arrive, have the host offer a Worship Aide - place a link in the chat
  • Have the host monitor the chat, responding as the congregation would during Mass. This draws people in seeing active participation, especially while streamed Masses are currently attended with minimal worshipers. 
  • During Offertory in the liturgy, have the host invite attendees to make their offering and be sure to place the giving link in the chat.
  • At the conclusion of Mass, offer a bulletin or link to the parish website, along with listing any relevant web links that correspond to announcements made at the end of Mass.

Here are some additional follow up items key to Offertory Continuity – consider these options:

  • Mail Worship Aides for upcoming Holy Week and Easter Liturgies and include a parish addressed  offering envelope.
  • Mail the bulletins or a flyer with upcoming online events or a prayer card for Holy Week and Easter to parishioners and include a parish addressed offering envelope. 

Income Continuity Action Plans & Activities


Host an Online Holy Week & Easter Giving Event


GivingTrend is pleased to be of service to its many parish users across the country and in this uncertain time when parish income is interrupted, we are offering a concrete way to continue your offertory income. This service is free of charge to GivingTrend users.   


We’ll help you host an online giving event now through the Easter season to keep your income intact. 

Offertory Custom Webpage – Holy Week & Easter Giving Event 

GivingTrend knows how critical it is to maintain income over the conclusion of Lent, the Triduum and Easter using the current systems you already have in place. Our team is ready to help. 

Here’s what your Holy Week & Easter Giving Event will look like: 

· Custom webpage branded to match your parish site.  

· Invite parishioners and friends to affirm that they will participate in supporting the  parish. 

· Invite parishioners to affirm their commitment to prayer during this time.  

· Show progress on Participation ONLY - No financial data. 

· Direct parishioners to existing parish online giving methods, request for envelopes and/or a reminder to mail in their contribution.  

· Social media connections to your parishioners: Our analytics tools will connect you to parishioners on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.  


GivingTrend is About Data-driven Offertory Increase and to further your offertory increase efforts. 


To get started, contact us immediately and you’ll be on your way. Again, no charge – we just want you to keep your parish income steady in this critical time. 


Resources coming over the next week available to our users include: 

Best Practices – This critical information will affirm a spiritual anchor for your message about supporting our parishes in these unprecedented times of isolation and no availability of Mass and the Sacraments.   


Letter Templates – Use these to inform, uplift and inspire parishioners to stay connected to your parish, explaining practical ways they can continue to contribute their time, talent and treasure.  


Brochure Templates – This series of inspirational cards, brochures and flyers will help you connect with parishioners highlighting their connection to their spiritual home – your parish.  


Website, Social Media, Bulletin & Pulpit Communications – These messages can be used to keep your message front and center with parishioners especially during this time when many are engaging through social media while at home. 


Call our team right away and we’ll started – again, no charge for GivingTrend clients. 

Professional Data-Driven Offertory Increase Packages

Custom Resources & Professional Consultation - Gold Package


GivingTrend offers to parishes multiple levels of service to increase participation and contributions to offertory. Premium resources, custom materials and seasoned professional fund-development consultation enhanced outcomes and create a positive spiritual experience for parishioners. 


Online Offertory Professional Support & Resources 

Letter Templates - Professional prepared correspondence to meet the specific needs of your parish, these resources include everything you will need to have an effective offertory increase process rooted in the spiritual tenants of time, talents, treasure and sacrificial giving. 


· Phone, Online Meeting & Skype Based Offertory Consultation - a guided project approach where your team completes most tasks with the online support of a development professional. 

· Offertory Increase & Sustainability Best Practices Guide

· Project Plan - Timeline & Resources Needed Guide

· Introductory Letter from Pastor & Parish Color Brochure

· Annual Report Brochure & Reporting Templates

· Follow Up Offertory Letter

· Thank You & Gift Acknowledgment Letters

Packages that fit your parish needs.

Contact us today for consultation with a parish development professional to see which packages fits your parish needs.